Safepoints and Garbage Collector log file analyzer

Whole page is under heavy development, it is tested mostly on G1/Parallel GC on JDK 11. If you have any issues with your log file send me message to

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Compress logs (*.zip, *.gz, *.xz, *.7z) for fast uploads.

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Simplest VM Args to add JDK > 8

Simplest VM Args to add JDK <= 8

Current limitations:
  • Logs from JDK 11, 12, 13 - works with flags above, tested on Parallel, CMS and G1.
  • Logs from JDK 9, 10 - should work.
  • Logs from JDK 8 and below - experimental (no GC log support, only safepoint, charts and stas are not accurate, because log file style sucks).
  • Max 10MB file (after compression).
  • Max 1 file in compressed archive (will analyze first if there are many).
  • UI is ugly.
  • UI is optimized for Full HD resolution.
  • There is no exception handling at all :)
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